Self Directed Learning

for Learners is deciding

for Facilitators is deciding

    1. what you wish to study
    2. when you wish to study
    3. the level you wish to study at
    4. the level you wish to study to
    5. do you wish to study alone, 'buddy up' or in a group
    1. what you wish to facilitate
    2. when you wish to facilitate
    3. the level you wish to facilitate at
    4. the level you wish to facilitate to
    5. are you happy to facilitate one person or a group

When we learn we often look around for a course and find that:
As there is not a course that precisely fits our needs so we either give up or compromise
It does not fit with work and other commitments
Things 'come up' and you miss sessions eventually you get behind become disillusioned and give up. The negative feeling gained puts you off from ever enrolling on a course again.
You have enrolled on a course and the school or college seems to be more interested in its paper work and targets rather than you
You just want to keep your brain working without being dragooned into an examination

Would you like to:
Teach or lecture but have an irregular schedule that does not fit in with school, college or university work
Pass on skills or information but get totally 'brassed off' with the bureaucracy imposed by schools,colleges and government
be able arrange the meeting time of your own groups or individuals
give 'one off' tutorials or lectures on your subject to people who wish to widen their knowledge
Think it would be a great idea if self directed learning could be built into the education system so that those who wished could have points accredited towards a degree

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For Learners, facilitators, teachers, tutors, etc.

When you miss 'doing something' do you analyse why you missed doing it? If not you should. List the things that stopped or inhibited you and then the actions that you will take to circumvent or get over blockages. It may be that you just need to take a minor detour to pick up new skills, take smaller bites or just say no to someone and yes to yourself.

One final point: Some UK colleges and universities offer courses that allow 'self directed learning'. These courses, as far as I have been able to evaluate, are 'self directed learning' in that you sign up for as course and then go and do your own thing. You are still tied to the academic year, timetable and required government outcomes such as achieving in an examination.

More than happy to talk to organisations, either directly or peripherally/co-incidentally engaged in acquiring knowledge, colleges, etc. about the application of 'self directed learning


Self-Direction in Adult Learning by Ralph G. Brockett and Roger Hiemstra

Read for free at Self-Direction in Adult Learning or buy for £127.97 + p&p at Amazon

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