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Born in Albury in New South Wales, on 16 July 1942, Margaret Smith became Margaret Court after marrying Barry Court the son of the then Premier of Western Australia. Margaret began playing tennis at the age of eight. Between 1961 and 1975 Margaret was ranked No. 1 in the world seven times and won the women's singles Grand Slam in 1970. When she finally retired from tennis in 1977 she had won 62 Grand Slam events, more than any other player, man or woman. She still holds the record for the most Grand Slam women’s singles titles with 24 to her name. Her nearest rival for the title is Steffi Graf with 22 Grand Slam titles.


Comparatively fine weather and a large entry, the quality of which, on the boys’ side especially had risen since 1926 favoured the Junior Championships at Wimbledon. Neither finalist in the boys’ singles had easy matches in the previous rounds. Richard A. Court, the Essex junior champion, lost a set to Vanderspar in the second round and it was only in the tenth game of the final set that his steadier methods overcame Fletcher’s more enterprising attack in the semi-final. G.E.M. de Ste Croix lost the opening set to Wynne in the third round, was 4/1 down in the final set against Ransom, who had disposed of Nuthall a few hours earlier, and only beat Brown in the semi-final after three sets. The final was disappointing. Ste Croix, who possesses an all-round stroke equipment and sound tactical ability, opened nervously and never revealed his true form. Instead of feeding Court’s defensive backhand and profiting by his own more versatile strokes he was content to let the attack slip into his opponent’s grasp from the start. Court won by his steadiness and his shrewdness in waiting for errors, which came all too frequently, rather than by his own placements.
Fifth Round
K. B. Brown beat C. D. Booker, 6/1, 6/4
G. B. M. de Ste Croix beat R. K. Tinkler 6/3, 6/0
J. L. H. Fletcher beat F. H. D. Wilde, 6/3, 5/7, 6/2
R. A. Court beat D. P. Hopkins, 6/2, 7/5

Sixth Round
G. B. M. de Ste Croix beat Brown, 6/1, 5/7, 6/4
Court beat Fletcher, 2/6, 6/1, 6/4

Final Round
R. A. Court beat G. B. M. de Ste Croix 6/2, 6/4

From the Ayres Lawn Tennis Almanac 1928
& the AELTC Museum & Library with special thanks to Audrey

These Championships were played at Wimbledon, but were not the grass court tournament for junior players we have today; these started in 1947.

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