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After looking around I concluded that yet another message board was not a good idea. Of the boards that I looked at I opted for these:
Ancestry.com - Court Message board
Genealogy.com - Court Message board
Rootsweb.com - Court Message board
You may read these boards but if you wish to write to them you will need to complete a free registration.
All of these boards together with MyFamily.com operate under the same umbrella but being a paying customer of one does not make you a paying member of all. If you do wish to be a paying member of any of these I would opt for Ancestry.com but it is your choice.

The following boards are general boards:
Curious Fox
Your Family
LookupUK Mainly UK adoptions & lost relatives
My Heritage
Looking 4 Kin A number of country specific message boards
MyCinnamonToast Surname Search
All Surnames Genealogy Resources
A plea for message board etiquette:
Keep your contact information, email address, up to date. If you have an enquiry answer it as soon as you can even if the first response is something like "Sorry, too busy at the moment". Bookmark or add to Favourites any website where you left or found good information.

updated 16 September 2007